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Önnestad Swedish American Festival

by Keith Turner on August 19, 2013

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“Sweden-America day is conducted every year in August at the community park in Önnestad.  The event is organized by the Sweden-American Foundation Day in association with Önnestads Folklore Society and the Order of Vasa.  The day was instituted to pay attention to the people who emigrated to America and it gives out a plaque to a Swedish-American who is worthy of reward for their deeds.” (From the Kristianstad Kommun website and the help of Google translate.)  The award is called the Hans Mattson award given out this year by Jeff Anderson from the American Embassy.  This was the twenty fifth year of the Sverige-Amerikadagen (Swedish-American day).  Önnestad is a small village of only about 1,400 so it was a small festival but fun to go check it out.  And of course no festival in Sweden is complete without folk dancing and the required live musicians to play for the dancers.  There was also a band from Åhus playing American marching band music.