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Melodifestivalen – Swedish culture at its best

by Keith Turner on March 8, 2014


Melodifestivalen is an integral part of Swedish culture.  The winner represents Sweden at the Eurovision song contest. Songs are submitted to SVT (Sverige Television AB) which is  the Swedish national public television broadcaster similar to United States PBS. There is then a process to narrow the songs down to thirty two. Those thirty two songs were then preformed during a period of four semi-finals. Eight songs were preformed at each semi-final. For each semi-final the winner was chosen by votes cast via cell phone SMS and phone calls.  The first and second place song automatically went to the finals. The third and fourth place songs were sent to the second chance round. The two top songs at the second chance round were then sent to the finals.

Ten songs were preformed for the finals. There was a two point process to choose the winner. The first group of points were awarded by eleven international juries. These juries were made up of people in the music industry. Each countries jury cast votes and points were given as follows: 7th place, 1 point; 6th place, 2 points; 5th place, 4 points; 4th place, 6 points; 3rd place, 8 points; 2nd place 10 points; 1st place 12 points. This year the juries came from Italy, Germany, Israel, France, Netherlands, Malta, Russia, Great Britain, Estonia, Spain and Denmark. The second group of points were awarded by viewers votes via SMS and phone calls. The SMS and phone call votes were tallied and awarded according to the percentage of votes.

So if I lost you with the boring details of how the winner is now picked perhaps now I can regain your attention again. In 1974 the wining song of Melodifestivalen went on to win Eurovision. Later that year the song was released as a single in the U.S. and quickly climbed the charts to number six.  That song was “Waterloo” preformed by non other than ABBA.

This years winner was Sanna Nielsen singing “Undo”.