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Krognoshuset – Krognos House

by Keith Turner on October 30, 2013

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Krognoshuset is one of the oldest buildings in Lund. It was build sometime in the 1300’s.  It was part of a farm called Stadsgården. At the time the building was build what is now the basement was probably above ground. In the 1100’s Lund was perhaps the most important city in Scandinavia because it was the seat of the archbishop of Scandinavia. By the 1300’s Malmö had started to grow in importance. In the 1400’s Copenhagen became the capital of Denmark. In the 1500’s because of the reformation Lund lost the archbishopric. In the 1600’s Skåne became part of Sweden and Lund became an insignificant city. Krongnoshuset was built during the time that Lund was transitioning from a city with power to  becoming irrelevant.

In the early 1500’s the Krognosättlingar family that owned the farm that Krongnoshuset was a part of had a very extravagant wedding. there was 300 guests, 4,560 gallons (17,268 liters) of German beer, 367 gallons (1,390 liters) of German and French wine.  For the meal they butchered 14 cows, 80 sheep, 2 barrels of herring, 4 barrels of cod, 1 barrel of salmon, and 2,000 flat fish (scientific name Pleuronectes platessa).  I wrote about a flat fish I ate in August called a monk fish. A celebration of that size would have certainly been a statement of the family’s view of their place in society.

The farm including Krognoshuset was in possession of the family from sometimes in the 1300’s until at least 1619.  After the establishment of the Universtiy of Lund it serves for a while as a residence for professors.  When the railroad came to lund they divided up the farm and created the city market square that is still there today.  In the early 1900’s it served as a resturant and a trade shop.  The city of Lund bought the building in 1905.  In 1916 they tore down all the remaining farm buildings leaving only Krognoshuset in a restoration effort.  Since 1929 the Aura Art Society has been displaying new art work in the building. (The information came from

The building is located in the corner of of Mårtenstorget (Marten’s Square).  I checked out the art displays inside today.  I was more excited about seeing the inside of the building than seeing the artwork.  If you have not figured it out yet I really enjoy seeing old buildings.  I find old buildings intriguing.  The following pictures are from the inside of the building including some of the art work that is currently on display there.

Ander’s Blueprint

(top floor)

A Sound Family Makes A Sound State

(in basement)
The building has three floors.  It is a small building.  It would be like having three large rooms in a house stacked on top of each other.  It was probably a large building when it was built.
stairs going up to 2nd floor
stairs going into basement
window in stairs
window in basement