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Ny Gallerian i Kristianstad – (New Mall)

by Keith Turner on October 29, 2013

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I friday ny gallerian open i Kristianstad.  Det fanns en fest att fira.  Många guld, svarta och vita ballonger var befriat ochså guld konfetti.  

Last friday (phase one of) a new mall opened in Kristianstad.  There was a party to celebrate.  Many gold, black and white balloons were released, also gold confetti.

Kristianstad is a relatively small town that the mall opening was a big deal.  There was enough people wanted to check out the new mall that they had to limit the amount of people entering the mall.  It was more exciting for me to see all the people than it was the new mall. I enjoy watching people.  Watching people here is Sweden is even more enjoyable because I am also trying to better understand Swedish culture.

The first floor of the mall had a really interesting wood floor.  It looked like they had cut a few inches off the ends off of 2×4 lumber to use as flooring.  It is something I have never seen before.  The last couple of pictures are of the floor.  When I think of wood floors I think of the planks that you can buy in the store.  There was not pre-made wooden planks to use for flooring in the past and people used what was available. Seeing the wood floor in the mall got me to thinking that there is so many different ways that wood can be used for flooring and we are only limited by our imagination.  In the mall my favorite part was the wooden floor in the mall.

Mall Floor

Järnvägsmuseet – Kristianstad’s Railroad Museum

by Keith Turner on September 1, 2013


Today I bicycled out  to the railroad museum is located at the old Kristainstad’s southern train station. The picture below is a sign for the old southern train station.  To the right of the sign is a small yellow wooden building which was the original train station.  Its purpose was as a rail yard and not as a passenger station as far as I can tell.  At the end of the train yard is a large building with houses the museum.  All the information signs were in Swedish and since I was alone I did not understand most of them but it was still enjoyable to see the old trains.

This is a turntable I believe.  It was used to turn the trains around.  There use to be one in Idaho Falls and I wanted to see it so my father took me to the railroad yard.  It has been removed not long before he took me to see it.  I was really sad about that it was gone.  I believe I was 8.  It was the year I received a model train set for Christmas.  It was one of the happy memories I have as a child because I was able to spend time with my father.
I have never seen anything like this before, a passenger cart powered by bike.  It would be fun to try it out but I would hate for that to me my job to bike people around on the train tracks.

They had a fun model train set that you could start and the trains would all start running.  It was fun to just watch the trains move around.

City Sculptures in Kristianstad

by Keith Turner on July 8, 2013

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There are 79 sculptures in the city of Kristianstad belonging to the city.  The city website has the following in Swedish about their sculptures: 
Stadens skulpturer skapar i hög grad stadens identitet. Ibland är de så självklara inslag i den offentliga miljön att man knappt lägger märke till dem. Precis som föremålen i ens vardagsrum. Ibland sticker de ut ordentligt, väcker heta känslor och livlig samhällsdebatt. Oavsett vilket så vore stadens eller ortens liv gråare och fattigare utan dem. Med Kristianstads skulpturkarta kan du själv medvetet vandra runt bland de många konstverken i Kristianstads kommun, låta dig förtjusas eller förfäras, men framför allt låta dig engageras och förhoppningsvis få en helhetsbild av levande konst i offentlig miljö.
A rough translation into English thanks to Google translate is: City sculptures help to create the city’s identity. Sometimes they are so obvious an element of the public environment that you hardly notice them.  Just like objects in one’s living room.  Sometimes they stand out properly, evoking strong feelings and lively public debate.  Either way the city’s or town’s life would be grayer and poorer without them. With Kristianstad sculpture map, you self-conscious walking around among the many works of art in the local authority, allowing you to be enchanted or appalled, but above all let you get involved and hopefully get an overall picture of living art in public spaces.
I would often walk by sculptures in Salt Lake City but I was never conscious of the identity they helped to create.  Even seeing the sculptures in Kristianstad I did not think much about them until I came across them on their website.  Now as I see a new sculpture in Kristianstad and other cities in Sweden I have become more conscious of these public pieces of artwork.  What are they saying about the the city they are located in and their relation to the people who live there?  As part of this process I will be periodically doing posts of the different statues in Kristianstad which will consists of pictures, a short description, and a few thoughts from me.  I welcome your thoughts and comments as well on these posts.  If nothing else I hope that next time you walk by a sculpture or a piece of public art that you take a second and think about.  Consider it in the context of the city it is in and the identity it helps to create.       

Pictures: Heliga Trefaldighetskyrkan – The Church of the Holy Trinity

by Keith Turner on July 1, 2013

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North Entrance

The Church of the Holy Trinity is considered one of the finest Renaissance churches in Scandinavia.  In the early 1600’s this area of Sweden was part of the Danish Kingdom.  The story goes that when Christian IV was traveling though this area he stopped in what is now Kristianstad to rest.  He took a nap beneath a tree. While sleeping he had a dream to build a city and construct a church where he was sleeping.  I imagine that the reality was less mythical and more logical and strategic and deciding to build a city here and construct a church.  Anyways it was a fun story I ran across in my reading about the church.

West Entrance

On the 13th of December 1617 the Danish King Charles the IV signed a contract to start construction on a new church in the new city named after him.  The church was consecrated on Holy Trinity Day, 8th June 1628.

Stone Grave Marker Inside The Chruch

If you look at the picture of the west entrance you will see two stone murals on either side of the door.  These are grave markers.  Until around 1850 people were buried inside the church.  Around Krisitanstad is mostly wetlands so the church is build on a rock.  That meant that the graves inside the church were shallow.  It caused the church to have a very distinct smell of dead rotting corpses.  A few days before a service the doors would be opened to air out the church.  In 1894 the human remains were removed and buried in a mass grave outside of the church.  The 95 stone grave markers were taken up and placed against the inside and outside walls.

South Entrance (grave markers to left)
South Entrance (grave markers to right)

There are a lot of wood carvings inside the church.  Each of the pews have a unique carving.  Hans Koch carved most of the pew carvings over a decade from 1620 to 1631.  There are 61 pews in the church.

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The altar was put into the church in 1630.  It was made in Amsterdam by Petersen Sweys.  Behind the altar is the church vaults.  I did not walk up near the altar out of respect knowing that in some churches only the priest is to go near the altar.  I do not know if that is the case with the Swedish Church but decided to err on the side of caution.


The pulpit was stunning.  It was also installed in the church in 1630.  It’s design is Italian High Renaissance style.  It is composed of marble and alabaster statues.  It is certainly a very imposing pulpit and probably the most orate pulpit I have seen in person up till now.


The organ loft situated over the main door (west door).  I am really looking forward to hearing the organ being played there.  The organ dates from 1631 and the pipes from that time still are in use.  Though it has been updated with more pipes and new mechanisms in 1962.

walking through this church was a spectacular experience.  I am sure I will be returning.  There are many old churches in the area.  Each building and church I visit gives me a better understanding of the history of this place.  I hope that you enjoy the pictures.  There will be more to come.

(Just a note about the pictures.  I take all the pictures posted in my blog.  Any picture that is of a place I have decided to allow anyone to freely use them for their own personal use. I just ask that if you re-post the pictures online that you reference or provide a link back to my blog where you found the pictures.)

Photos: Kristianstad 19 June 2013

by Keith Turner on June 22, 2013

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I have received many requests for pictures by many of you, my readers.  To accommodate your requests I will have posts that mainly consists of pictures.  As I am still new here and very much the tourist I do have plenty to share.  Enjoy the pictures.  As is always the case feel free to post comments either on my blog of on Facebook.

bro (bridge)
Tivoli Park
Tivoli Park
Library Entrance
gata (street)
Kyrka (church)
tågstationen (train station)
vattentorn (water Tower)
busshållplats (bus stop)
övergångsställe (crosswalk)

Unfamiliar Strange & Different

by Keith Turner on June 22, 2013

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Arriving in Sweden as someone who will be living here is quite a bit different then when I just come here to visit in 2009.  I have this strange feeling of being at home and yet not quite fitting in.  All around me I see the same familiar interactions I would see back in the United States.  People still drive through parking lots like crazy people.  Kids still have melt downs at the store.  People still shop for food in grocery stores.  Yet surrounded by all the familiarity there are unfamiliar sounds, strange smells, different tastes.

All around me are unfamiliar sounds.  Every once in a while I will hear a word or see a word that I understand.  I learned the difference between lilla and lila and a couple of hours later in line at Burger King I see below a meal deal the word lilla.  “Ah” I commented to Vanim, “that is a small meal not a purple meal.”  The rhythms of the sounds around me flow differently.  I love hearing the rhythmic flow of all the Swedish around me.   Sometimes it is almost as if everyone around me is singing.  If there was any place in the world where people might just break into singing like in musicals it would be here.

It is really hard to explain but when walking around Kristianstad or Malmö everything smells of the old mixed with the new.  Vanim once referred to Kristianstad as a new city and yet it is older than any American city by at least a couple of years.  The grocery stores smell different.  The scent of the plants are oddly familiar yet a little strange, a new pallet of scents to explore.

Caviar in a tube and Kaffe are just a couple of the many new tastes I am experiencing.  I have had caviar before but never from a tube.  I do not even have a frame of reference to compare caviar in a tube to.  There is a distinct difference between American coffee and Swedish Kaffe.  That is before you take into account the difference in the water which affects the flavor.  The water is served carbonated which gives it a different quality and flavor which is nothing like the carbonated water I have had in the United States.

I have brief moments when all of this newness feels a bit overwhelming.  I have gone beyond stepping out of my comfort zone and completely exited the building.  It is in these moments that I am reminded how much in life I have missed out on because I stayed in my comfort zone.  At these moments I take a deep breath, look around me and remind myself that I am in the beginning of a grand adventure of the unfamiliar, strange and different.  One that will take me many places that I could hardly have ever imagined only a couple of years ago.

My first meal in Kristianstad consisting of fried eggs, cheese,  rolls, blood sausage, sausage, caviar in a tube, lingonberry jam and carbonated water
Canal in the center of Kristianstad
Random door in Kristianstad