Skräp och Återvinna – PANT

by Keith Turner on October 2, 2013

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The Swedish word PANT can be translated a pledge.  It is a pledge of money that is paid when purchasing beverages that are packaged in aluminum or plastic, excluding dairy and juice.  Aluminum cans and small plastic bottles 1 liter and under are 1KR PANT while plastic bottles larger than 1 litter are 2 KR PANT. 1KR is about $.16 U.S.D. and 2KR is about $.31 U.S.D. according to currency exchange rate for today.

In 1984 a deposit system for cans was launched and in 1994 for plastic bottles as a way to deal with little. In 2006 it became required of all importers and bottlers to comply with the deposit system. Each bottle’s or can’s bar code is recorded for tracking purposes. When a store receives the bottles or the cans they pay the PANT to Returpack. When you or I buy a beverage we pay the PANT to the the store.

The stores have special machines where the bottles and cans are returned to. The bottles or cans are placed in the hole.  The bar code is read and if it is one of the codes recorded by Returpack than it is accepted and the amount of pant to be returned shows up on the screen. If it is not a recorded bar code the can or the bottle is If I bought a can or bottle of soda in Copenhagen and brought it with me back to Kristianstad I would not be able to return it for pant or the deposit. On the other hand if I purchase a beverage that was bottled in Copenhagen and then imported into Sweden the bar code has been recorded and it can be returned for pant. 

After you have deposited all your bottles and cans you push either the green or the yellow button.  If you push the green button a receipt is printed out with the amount of money you are owed.  If you push the yellow button the money is sent to a charity.The movie below is from Returnpack that gives a more detailed explanation of the recycling process that the cans and the bottles involved in the deposit system go though.  The web site for Returnpack is There is also a website dedicated to promoting deposit laws for bottles and cans.  It also has lots of facts if you would like to know more you can go to and specifically about Sweden you can go to