Ny Gallerian i Kristianstad – (New Mall)

by Keith Turner on October 29, 2013

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I friday ny gallerian open i Kristianstad.  Det fanns en fest att fira.  Många guld, svarta och vita ballonger var befriat ochså guld konfetti.  

Last friday (phase one of) a new mall opened in Kristianstad.  There was a party to celebrate.  Many gold, black and white balloons were released, also gold confetti.

Kristianstad is a relatively small town that the mall opening was a big deal.  There was enough people wanted to check out the new mall that they had to limit the amount of people entering the mall.  It was more exciting for me to see all the people than it was the new mall. I enjoy watching people.  Watching people here is Sweden is even more enjoyable because I am also trying to better understand Swedish culture.

The first floor of the mall had a really interesting wood floor.  It looked like they had cut a few inches off the ends off of 2×4 lumber to use as flooring.  It is something I have never seen before.  The last couple of pictures are of the floor.  When I think of wood floors I think of the planks that you can buy in the store.  There was not pre-made wooden planks to use for flooring in the past and people used what was available. Seeing the wood floor in the mall got me to thinking that there is so many different ways that wood can be used for flooring and we are only limited by our imagination.  In the mall my favorite part was the wooden floor in the mall.

Mall Floor