Luciakröning – Lucia Crowning

by Keith Turner on December 7, 2013

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Today in Kristianstad was the crowning of the town Lucia.   St. Lucia’s day is on 13th of December. Before that day a Lucia is picked.  The candidates for Kristianstad were presented in the paper a couple of weeks ago.  People in the community were then allowed to vote on their choice for Lucia.  The winner was announced a couple of days ago in the paper.  This year’s Lucia is Hanna Sandberg. This happens all over the country. There is even a national Lucia picked for Sweden.

Lucia becomes the bearer of light in this Swedish tradition that takes place during the darkest part of winter. I have to say that before I moved to Sweden I did not really understand a season being dark. Living here now I have a much better understanding of darkness.  Today the sunrise was at 8:18 a.m. and the sunset was at 3:30 p.m. Here in Sweden you can see a noticeable difference from week to week in the changing sun. Something that was barley perceptible to me in the United States. There will be more about Lucia in upcoming blog posts.

Today there was a little parade around Kristianstad. There was a band.  Following the band was a horse drawn wagon carrying the Lucia and her attendants. Behind the wagon was a procession of people carrying candles and wearing red hats.  There is a couple of videos of the parade below. After the parade through the town center Lucia and her attendants sang some songs at the town little square. Below is also a video of them singing one of their songs.

Lucia procession into chuch

Later in the afternoon the crowing was held at the Heliga Tregaldighetskyrkan (Holy Trinity Chruch) in town. There was a procession of Lucia and her attendants through the church. The crowing consisted mostly of music being played. There was a beautiful piece Winter Largo by Vivaldi from the four seasons. This was my favorite performance. I really like Vivaldi’s four seasons though. Listening to the organ and trombone play O Holly Night was fun to hear in the church. There is something very intimate when listening to music in the church as compared to a large concert hall.

Lucia after crowning

The Lucia crown is basically a crown of candles.  The candles were lit and then placed upon the head of the Lucia by Kyrkoherde Louise Nyman. (Just as a side note kyrkoherde is vicar in English. The vicar is the head priest. I love the fact that the head priest here is a woman. Also the Archbishop of Uppsala the head priest in the Swedish Church is also a woman.) After the crown was placed on Lucia’s head her attendants lit their candles they were holding from her crown. She and her attendants than sang some songs. After the program was complete they processed out of the church. And yes Lucia walked down the church isle singing and wearing her lit crown of candles. I thought it was pretty awesome.

Lucia procession out of church