Glad Påsk – Happy Easter

by Keith Turner on April 20, 2014


PåskkärringarTo Americans the witch is associated with Halloween but here in Sweden it is associated with Easter (Påsk). The old traditional story is that on the Thursday before Påsk the witches fly away to meet up with Satan. On the 30th of April large bonfires are lite to scare the witches away so that they wont return. But that is for another post coming soon to a webpage near you. Nowadays children dress up as witches on the Thursday before Påsk and often seek candy from neighbors similar to Halloween in the United States. A traditional decoration for Påsk is to take birch branches and cover them in colored feathers. This is called Påskris. The påskharen brings godis (candy) which is an Easter hare instead of an Easter rabbit. Eggs are painted not dyed (äggmålning).These are just some of the traditions that make this a Swedish holiday.

According to :

While in other countries Easter is specifically a religious holiday, it has become a secular one in Sweden. . . Many of the practices associated with Easter have religious origins, but this is not something that bothers Swedes much.

So to all Glad Påsk!


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  1. Well that is certainly a different look at Easter. I quite like it, except for the witches/satan correlation. So did you have a ham or anything special to eat on that day for Easter.

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