Crime Lab

by Keith Turner on September 8, 2016

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The Crime Lab is part of the Forensic Investigations Unit. All of the officers that work in this unit are highly trained and highly educated. There is a lot of demand to work in this department. The U.P.D. puts a lot of effort into their forensic science. I was very impressive.

They have some state of the art equipment that allows them to collect fingerprints that go beyond the standard methods. They have recently acquired a digital fingerprint scanner. The first time I experienced a digital fingerprint scanner was at the immigration office in Sweden. We were also shown the file room where all of the booking fingerprint cards are stored. Digitized fingerprints are revolutionizing forensic investigations making it simpler to match fingerprints collected at crime sites.

There was so many fascinating things at the crime lab.  I do not understand the science well enough  to be able to adequately describing it in this blog post. I had so much fun though learning about all the different techniques that they have available to them to solve a crime. It is really an impressive department.

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