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Hej Då Sverige! Vi Ses!

by Keith Turner on July 8, 2014


Saying goodbye is difficult especially when it is a place that you really love. Sweden is one of those places. No place is a utopia but Sweden is certainly a beautiful country and there was a lot of positives about living there. I have avoided writing in my blog pretending that if I do not that day would never come. Not only has the day come but I am now two weeks into my return to the United States. This is by no  means a permanent goodbye but only a temporary parting. Sweden will always be a part of me. More so now that I have lived there. Sweden has forever changed me.

Of all the things that I did and experienced in Sweden the highlight was getting to know my mother-in-law better. Through that experience I gained a new mother. I will always be grateful for that. And even now two weeks on I miss her. I added three fun nephews and one adorable niece and some new siblings to my family.  Vanim’s family welcomed me and I feel as if I am part of their family now. So not only have I left a part of my heart there but I have left behind part of my family.

It was not easy deciding to return to America but in the end I chose the path that I think will be the best for my immediate family in the long run. Now that the decision has been made I will do that best I can to make this a successful choice. Really in the end that is all I can do.

I will continue to write in my blog because I find it useful for me. The nature and purpose of my blog will of course naturally change. It will evolve and change into something new. So for now good bye Sweden and I will see you again.

Hej Då Sverige! Vi Ses!IMG_6227