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Happy Birthday Bradley!

by Keith Turner on January 23, 2014

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Thirteen years ago the second bright light in my life appeared and that was my son Bradley. Today marks that arbitrary but now official demarcation with makes him now a teenager. He has this gift to see the world from a different angle than one might normally and if you are lucky he might help you see the same view. He brings his own sense of humor and joy into the world.


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Snow Snow & more Snow

by Keith Turner on January 17, 2014

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Today we had our first snow storm of the winter where the snow actually was not melted by the morning.  You will notice in some of the picture that people are  riding bicycles.  Using bicycles for transportation is very common here even in winter and snow. This post also gives me a chance to use the gallery feature for the first time.


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Christmas In Idaho

by Keith Turner on January 15, 2014


For at least two reasons there will be a couple of posts about my trip back to the United States. The first reason is that I wanted to write these posts while I was there and the second reason is that at least one of my regular followers has requested such a post. Today’s post is about Christmas, specifically with my family in Idaho.

My very first memory of Christmas is having dinner at my grandmother’s (father’s mother) house.  My sister is a part of that memory so I must have been three. My present was a stuffed animal which became my constant companion for many years. His name is Henry. He kept me safe at night. I gave him baths. I even gave him vaccine shots consisting of water and what ever else I thought to mix into the concoction. Of all the possessions that have come and gone in my life Henry is still around. He has now become the companion of my daughter. Those memories are infused with the smell of cigars from my great-grandfather and the taste of cherry chocolates, his gift he would share with me as I was sitting on his lap. Things change. Gone is the smell of cigars and the taste of cherry chocolates. We now gather at my aunts house and this was the second Christmas without my grandmother.

Christmas DinnerThe one thing that remains constant is that in our own different ways we accept and love each other. So to me that is what Christmas gathering is all about. We do not all have the same political affiliations or religious beliefs. Somewhere along the line the traditional turkey or ham was found wanting and replaced with sirloin steak. A much better option if you ask me. Jello or any concoction made from jello appears to have  finally died. With that I silently shout a loud hallelujah. (Jello in its various forms is a much beloved non-food food item in many a households in the Utah / Idaho region of the United States.)

It was great to see my family members who were able to come. And with that no family gathering is without some form of entertainment. this entertainment was certainly not planned but those are sometimes the best kind. And so I present for all the world the Clucking Aunts Dancing




Jet Lag

by Keith Turner on January 13, 2014

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Snuggling with Coda

Snuggling with Coda

It is that time when the light is just beginning to climb the eastern horizon ahead of the sun. There is a dark pink glow to the clouds that linger near the horizon. It is a message, it is my message welcoming me back home. It does not have to be a message. I could simply see it as light being scattered through a thicker atmosphere but I like my narrative better. And so it is my welcome home. I have been home now since Friday but today was the first day that I actually felt like more than just a zombie. Jet lag is not my friend.

So this morning while riding the bus looking at the eastern horizon it was my moment of being completely present. I am not thinking about the future and the past cannot intrude at least for that fleeting moment. A moment I hang onto when the future and the past finally invade into my solitude. The zombie state returned by the afternoon. I have many things I think about writing but they have become inaccessible again. So today I ramble on and think perhaps tomorrow the words will come. Jet lag is not my friend.

2014 Out With The Old – In With The New

by Keith Turner on January 12, 2014


image of man waving orange flagAlmost nine months ago I started my third blog and to date my most successful. That is not really saying much other than I have been consistent in writing posts each month.  If you have been following my blog you will notice that both the URL is different as well as a different look. I have wanted a more professional looking appearance. The new year started with everything fell into place to migrate it to its current address. I started my blog last year in the middle of a year of transition. This year I hope will be a year of putting down foundations.

I have imported all of my old blog post but with any import into a new format not everything imported correctly. If you look back at any post from 2013 keep that in mind. I am working through the old posts to fix import formatting errors as best as I can.

I have been blogging now for nine months. When I started this I had high hopes of the benefits of blogging. I have at time reached points where I have wondered if I should continue. It has always been at those moments that people reach out and express how much they have been enjoying my blog. Those moments have meant a lot to me. This blog continues because many different readers continue to express their support. Please feel free to continue adding your comments and your suggestions.  And now onto 2014.